Tesla Model 3 Vinyl Wrap

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Project Description

Tesla Model 3 Vinyl Car Wrap

Tesla Model 3 Purple Vinyl Wrap

Tesla Model 3 wrapped in 3M Purple Satin gloss and chrome fiber accents. Call today for pricing.

The high quality Tesla model 3 car wrap that My Tesla Wrap installs will leave Tesla owners in a state of satisfaction. We utilize only the top industry leading wraps to provide a quality, durable and vibrant Tesla wrap each and every time. Avery and 3M have consistently provided quality wraps for the past ten years.

We only use the best products for our valued customers. In addition to these luxury wraps Tesla Car Wrap also offers a 2 year installation satisfaction warranty. Our customers can easily design their customized Tesla model 3 wrap with our design team. After selecting the color you want you will be able to choose between matte, satin and gloss finish for your Tesla car wrap. There is no need to customize your Tesla model 3 at various facilities.

My Tesla Wrap also offers an impressive list of additional services that will allow you to fully customize your vehicle to your personal style. These add on services include powder coated wheels, ceramic pro, clear bra, custom painted brake calipers, window tint, door jambs, concierge services and bodywork.  No design is too difficult for our customization crew; give us a call today to set up your design appointment.