Matte Wrap Tesla Model 3

//Matte Wrap Tesla Model 3
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Project Description

Matte Vinyl Wrap Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Wrapped in Purple 3M vinyl car wrap

Tesla Model 3 wrapped in Matte Purple 3M vinyl car wrap.

The Tesla Model 3 has been dubbed as a game changer in the luxury car industry. This high quality but lower cost vehicle is a powerhouse when it comes to speed and features. The base model can be purchased for just under $40,000 and with this impressive low cost it leaves a lot of wiggle room for customization such as a Tesla car wrap.

The inside is quite arguably one of the most impressive and high end that can be found in cars considered family friendly. The Tesla Model 3 has a huge monitor for the front display and has a 5 star rating on front, side and rollover crash tests. The Model 3 might be family friendly but that doesn’t mean it has to be stock and basic on the outside.

My Tesla Wrap can create a one of a kind unique exterior with a Tesla Model 3 wrap. We use industry leaders such as 3M and Avery to provide precision, quality and vibrancy with each Tesla wrap. Our team of installation and design professionals will meet with you and help you design a fully customized vinyl wrap so that your vehicles exterior is as prestigious as its interior.