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Project Description

Tesla Model 3 Vinyl Car Wrap

Tesla Model 3 Wrapped in White 3M vinyl carp wrap

Tesla Model 3 Wrapped in Matte White 3M vinyl car wrap.

Have you ever wanted to customize your car but felt held back due to the cost? Perhaps you weren’t aware of all the extra money you would have when you purchased your Tesla Model 3. When Tesla rolled the Model 3 off the conveyer belt they decided to offer a $10K tax credit for the first 200,000 customers that purchased this pure electric car and additional credits on purchases after that.

As if this weren’t enough of an incentive to purchase this luxury and eco-friendly vehicle Tesla took it a step further and created a swoon worthy interior to match this no maintenance car. Yes, you heard that right; the Tesla 3 does not have a converter, muffler or power train. Because it is fully electric it does not run on fuel so there are also no fuel injectors, spark plugs or pumps to worry about either.

All of the money saved operating the vehicle can now be used to establish a distinguishable vehicle that will stand out in a crowded parking lot. Heads will turn as you wait at a crowded intersection and drive down the freeway with a Tesla Model 3 car wrap installed by Tesla Car Wrap. Contact us today to set up your Tesla Model 3 wrap consultation. While you are going over the endless colors available in matte, satin and gloss finishes you can also browse our extensive list of add on services to create your new mobile masterpiece.