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Project Description

Tesla Model 3 Vinyl Car Wrap

Wrapped Tesla Model 3 in Avery Matte Black Car Wrap. Call today for pricing.

You have been driving your Tesla model 3 around for some time now. While you enjoy the smooth handling and the comfortable ride you realize something is lacking from your driving experience.  The inside is sleek and comfortable but the outside leaves much to be desired. The color is bland and easily blends into the sea of cars at the parking lot. What can you do to rectify this situation? The answer is a Tesla Model 3 wrap.

A customized Tesla car wrap will allow you to enjoy the exterior of your vehicle as much as you enjoy the interior. Whether you have an artistic flare that screams loud and expressive or a more subdued sense of style you will be able to customize your vehicle with a Tesla model 3 car wrap to reflect your design needs. There is no need to have a car that blends into its surroundings when you can make it really pop and stand out with any of the customized Tesla car wraps and add on services that My Tesla Wrap offers.

We proudly provide services for bodywork, door jambs, window tint, lowering springs, clear bra, ceramic pro, custom painted brake calipers, and powder coated wheels, black out chrome trims & emblems as well as free concierge services to our customers.