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Tesla Vinyl Wrap Orange County

Tesla Car Wrap Orange County

My Tesla Wrap Red

We have been wrapping all Model Tesla’s in Orange County and Los Angeles for the past 2+ years. More and more Orange County locals have gone out and purchased a TESLA and want to get it wrapped or customized to match their personality! Tesla car wrap services in Orange County have never been more convenient. My Tesla Wrap features desirable concierge services to our OC customers. We provide clear bra services and custom painted brake calipers.

Turn your basic stock color Tesla into a vehicle of beauty with a custom Tesla wrap. My Tesla Wrap provides tesla wraps in Orange County and all surrounding neighborhoods. A stock color Tesla S, 3, X or Y is definitely a vehicle of beauty but once you customize it to your favorite color combination there is no arguing about its unique appeal. My Tesla Wrap uses 3M and Avery brand Tesla vinyl wrap because they have proven themselves for the past decade as industry leaders in durability and reliability.

  • Purple Tesla Vinyl Wrap with Fiber Accents on Chrome

  • Matte black Vinyl Wrap with Window Tint

  • Gloss white Tesla Wrap

  • Red Tesla Wrap with Chrome Delete and window tint

  • Matte Black Tesla Model 3 with Purple Gloss Tesla Model X.

  • Matte Black Tesla Model X with Chrome Delete and Lime Green emblem.

  • Gloss White Tesla Model X with Chrome Delete and Window Tint.

  • Satin Black Tesla Model X with Chrome Delete and Light Blue Brake Caliper.

  • Gold Gloss Tesla Model S Wrapped

  • Gloss Blue Tesla Model S Wrapped Chrome Delete and Window Tint

  • Matte Black Tesla Model S Wrapped

  • Red Gloss Tesla Model S Wrapped with Window Tint

My Tesla Wrap Red

Our wrap section is extensive and we also feature gloss, matte and satin finish. When you book an appointment with our design specialists you can also schedule additional services for your Tesla such as a clear bra or window tint.

My Tesla Wrap offers additional customized services that will make your vehicle a one of a kind. We understand that our Orange County California customers have busy schedules and because of this we proudly offer concierge services.  Once you have met with our design team you will set an installation appointment date. At that time a deposit for the work will be due.

Our concierge service will pick up your Tesla and bring it to the facility for service. It typically takes four days to complete the wrap process and on the fifth day your car will be ready to be returned to you by our concierge service. Payment is due in full upon completion of work.  Don’t hesitate; contact My Tesla Wrap for your custom Tesla wrap in Orange County today.

Tesla Charging Stations in Orange County

Finding a Tesla charging station in Orange County can be difficult but now we have made it easier then ever. My Tesla Wrap has put a complete guide of all charging stations found in the Orange County. If there is a station you know of and it is not on the list, we may have missed it please contact us and let us know.

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