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Tesla Vinyl Wrap Newport Beach

Tesla Car Wrap in Newport Beach

My Tesla Wrap Red

We have been wrapping all Model Tesla’s in Los Angeles and Orange County for the past 2+ years. More and more Los Angeles locals have gone out and purchased a TESLA and want to get it wrapped or customized to match their personality! Tesla car wrap services in LA have never been more convenient. My Tesla Wrap features desirable concierge services to our LA customers. We provide clear bra services and custom painted brake calipers.

There is quite possibly nothing more exciting than purchasing your new Tesla except the opportunity to fully customize your new car. You can proudly drive down the streets of Newport Beach California with your fully personalized vinyl wrapped Tesla. Tesla  Car Wrap in Newport Beach understands your need to take stock color to wow factor as quickly as possible. Our service technicians can have your Tesla S, Tesla 3, Tesla X or Tesla Y wrapped in four days. Your car will be ready for you on the fifth day. We also offer Ceramic Pro and custom painted brake calipers as well as an extensive list of Tesla services. Custom Tesla colors have never been easier and My Tesla Wrap only uses the best Vinyl wrap material in the industry.

  • Purple Tesla Model 3 Wrapped with Fiber Accents on Chrome

  • Matte Black Tesla Model 3 Vinyl Wrapped and Window Tint

  • Gloss white Tesla Wrap

  • Red Tesla Model 3 Wrapped with Chrome Delete and window tint

  • Matte Black Tesla Model 3 with Purple Gloss Tesla Model X.

  • Matte Black Tesla Model X with Chrome Delete and Lime Green emblem.

  • Gloss White Tesla Model X with Chrome Delete and Window Tint.

  • Satin Black Tesla Model X with Chrome Delete and Light Blue Brake Caliper.

  • Gold Gloss Tesla Model S Wrapped

  • Gloss Blue Tesla Model S Wrapped Chrome Delete and Window Tint

  • Matte Black Tesla Model S Wrapped

  • Red Gloss Tesla Model S Wrapped with Window Tint

Tesla Car Wrap Newport Beach

My Tesla Wrap Red

3M and Avery are known as industry leaders because their high-quality Tesla vinyl wrap is known to over the past decade. We also feature a two-year service installation warranty for our My Tesla Wrap customers. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with their tesla vinyl wrap.

Newport Beach residents do not need to worry about getting their car into our facility for their Tesla wrap. Our helpful concierge professionals will come to your home and pick up your vehicle and bring it back to our facility for the wrap. A deposit is due upon booking the appointment and the remainder of the balance is due upon completion.

Our concierge service will also deliver your vehicle back to you upon completion. My Tesla Wrap is dedicated to giving our Newport Beach California customers the best wrap and service experience available.

Tesla Charging Stations in Newport Beach

Finding a Tesla charging station in Newport Beach is now easier then ever. My Tesla Wrap has put a complete guide of all charging stations located in the Newport Beach. If there is a station you know of and it is not on the list, we may have missed it please contact us and let us know.

Name Address City State Zip code Phone Roadside Assistance
The Resort At Pelican Hill 22701 S Pelican Hill Rd Newport Beach CA 92657 (855) 315-8214 (877) 798-3752
Hyatt Regency Newport Beach 1107 Jamboree Rd Newport Beach CA 92660 (949) 729-1234 (877) 798-3752
Island Hotel 690 Newport Center Dr Newport Beach CA 92660 (949) 759-0808 (877) 798-3752
Balboa Bay Resort 1221 West Coast Hwy Newport Beach CA 92663 (949) 645-5000 (877) 798-3752
Lido House, Autograph Collection 3300 Newport Blvd Newport Beach California 92663 (949) 524-8500 (877) 798-3752

Customize your car:

People have been personalizing and customizing their cars for, well, as long as there have been cars—and one of the newest and coolest ways is with vinyl wrapping. If you’re already thinking about how your vehicle will be transformed when you shrink-wrap it in an entirely new color, then the next step is understanding what that might cost—and whether the price is worth it.

That’s where we can help. Vinyl wraps have some distinct advantages over repainting your vehicle, and also a couple of disadvantages worth considering. Here’s what you need to know about wrapping your car—including how much it costs.


  • Caring for Vinyl Films
    • You would want to care for your vinyl wrap on the vehicle the same way as for your car paint. Hand washing is always the best and safest choice! Only touchless car washes are recommended. Car washes that have the rotating brushes may lift and remove the vinyl! For best cleaning and maintaining of the finish as well as protecting against fading we recommend using our wrap care products.

Cities We Service

MyTeslaWrap proudly services the following Cities for All Makes and Models:

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