Tesla Car Wrapped Model X

//Tesla Car Wrapped Model X
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Tesla Car Wrapped Model X

Tesla model x purple vinyl wrap with matte black model 3

Tesla Car Wrapped Model X in satin gloss purple and satin black Model 3 vinyl Car Wrap.

What more can you ask for when you splurge on your luxurious 7 seater Tesla Model X? You already have an impressive 17 inch touch screen centerpiece monitor in your interior, regenerative brakes with a natural linear brake pedal feel, semi-autonomous driving technology that puts your vehicle into auto-pilot mode and 2 electric motors that can take your luxury SUV from zero to sixty in 4.76 seconds. The answer to this question is customization.

The Tesla Model X is beautiful inside but the basic stock exterior leaves some room to be desired. The professional design and installation team at My Tesla Wrap understands your need to stand out and be noticed. We feature industry leading 3M and Avery brand vinyl Tesla car wraps available in an extensive color selection and matte, satin and gloss finishes.

While you are browsing through our color and finish varieties you can also browse our additional services that include black out chrome trims and emblems as well as window tint and powder coated wheels to truly make your Tesla X a one of a kind vehicle. We take pride in creating a high quality wrap for your Falcon wing doors and take care with the impressive design features of the Model X such as the tall side windows, 2nd row sky lights and extensive large windshield.

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