Wrapped Tesla Model X

//Wrapped Tesla Model X
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Project Description

Wrapped Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X Wrapped in White Satin 3M vinyl car wrap

Wrapped Tesla Model X in Matte White Vinyl Car Wrap.

The Tesla X is one of the most intriguing and eco-friendly SUV’s available on the market. This vehicle knows how to pack quite a bit of punch for a reasonable price of just around $100,000. Just because you are driving around your family doesn’t mean you have to leave the amazing features behind; the 7 seater Tesla X goes from 0 to 60 in a jaw dropping 4.76 seconds and features the mind easing semi-autonomous driving technology that slips into auto pilot mode.

A prestigious 17 inch touch screen centerpiece display is the focal point of the interior. The inside of the Tesla X features tall side windows, a spacious interior and a large windshield. Second row passengers have built in skylights to their falcon wing doors to enhance their range of vision. These impressive doors look absolutely stunning when fully customized with a Tesla Model X wrap.

The professionals at My Tesla Car Wrap understand your need for individuality and desire to stand out when you purchase the Model X and can install a Tesla X car wrap that will scream style and flare. While you are designing your customized matte, satin or gloss finish Tesla car wrap browse the additional services we feature to give your car a truly one of a kind road envy exterior.