Tesla Model S Wrapped

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Tesla Model S Vinyl Wrapped

Tesla Model S wrapped

Tesla Model S Vinyl Wrap in Matte Black Vinyl Car Wrap. Call today for pricing.

Driving the safest vehicle on the road is something to be impressed by. If that vehicle is the Tesla S it also features some awesome add-ons that make it totally thrilling. The Tesla S is a highly efficient car with its safety features but the exterior leaves a bit to be desired. You can completely customize your cars appearance to make it as high end on the outside as it is on the inside.

We know how much you enjoy the safety locking system that will automatically lock your car as soon as you walk away from it. The 8 standard air bags combined with the highest safety rating of any car in history make this a must have vehicle. All of these features are unarguably impressive but how easy is it for you to find your car in a crowded parking lot? Tesla Car Wrap can change this problem.

You most likely bought your Tesla S because of the safety and eco-friendly features rather than the basic stock manufacturer coloring. We can completely customize your vehicle with a Tesla car wrap. The wrap will protect the factory paint from all road debris and environmental factors which will in turn help the vehicle to maintain its stock exterior integrity.