Tesla Model 3 Matte Wrap

//Tesla Model 3 Matte Wrap
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Project Description

Tesla Model 3 Matte Vinyl Car Wrap

Tesla Model 3 wrapped in 3M Blue Satin Gloss. Call Today for pricing. 

There is no need to drive a basic custom stock colored Tesla. If your inner creative genius is screaming for customization you do not need to look any further than My Tesla Wrap. A Tesla car wrap will allow you to fully customize the color of your luxury vehicle while displaying your artistic customization flare.

Tesla wraps allow you to change up the outer appearance of your vehicle while ensuring the quality of the stock color paint is never customized. The entire wrap process takes four days. Your automobile will be ready for you on the fifth day. Your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned and the entire surface will be inspected for flaws or debris prior to installation of the Tesla model 3 wrap.

Wraps are an excellent way to alter the outward appearance of your vehicle without damaging the paint. A wrap can last years but if you find yourself enjoying change frequently a wrap is definitely the best option for you. You will fall in love with your vehicle time and time again. Additional services to help maintain the integrity of the Tesla model 3 car wrap include clear bra and ceramic pro.

Our design and installation team will be able to meet with you and go over all color and customization options for your Tesla car wrap.